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A Look at Different Hair Types

Hair, Hair & Hair!

There are three basic kinds hair based on racial characteristics – Asian hair, Caucasoid hair and African hair and each require hair beauty products to maintain healthy hair.

Asian hair, such as that on a Chinese, Japanese or Burmese person is totally black and completely straight in 90% of the population of those countries.

Caucasoid hair, on the other tends to be more different among the people of the Caucasian race. This kind of hair can be straight, wavy or curly, and can be black, brown or blond in color, with all the hues and nuances related to these colors.

The Africans have black, tightly curled and woolly. This distinctive kind of hair is usually and gets damaged easily with the effects of chemical or heat treatments, such as those used to straighten hair.

What Kind of Hair Do You Have?

Let’s go into more detail about hair types. There are all kinds of curly hair. There’s wavy hair, gently curly hair, and tightly packed curly hair, with many textures and degrees of curliness in between.

You can style these kinds of hair in various ways – braid it, leave it loose or roll it up into an elegant chignon. Go on, experiment – you’ll have a great time!

Straight hair is just that, straight, – it only comes in one form. It’s shiny – light reflects off straight hair beautifully - and falls well, especially when well taken care of. When it looks dull, and doesn’t have a gloss, it means that the hair is not in good health, and should be attended to.

People have different hair types because of different genes.

Other Kinds of Hair

Hair can also be classified based on its characteristics other than straightness or waviness. Your hair could be dry, damaged, colored, oily or fine. All these kinds of hair need to be treated differently.

Hair Care for Your Hair Type

Dry hair should be protected from the heat of the sun. Avoid using a hair dryer too much. Oily hair should be well cleaned and conditioner put only on the tips of the hair. Try to get one that’s meant for oily hair. Conditioning is also important for fine hair, which can get damaged easily if it is not moist.

Colored hair should ideally be washed in cold water, to maintain color and protect the hair from further damage. In general, all kinds of hair should be protected from salt water and excessive sunlight.

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