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5 Great Tips For Using Pomade!

Pomade is one of the most widely used styling products due to its versatility and the fact that it works on a variety of hair types. Due to its popularity, you can find many different brands, some even coming in fun colors or great scents. Pomades are generally good for dryer hair, adding texture and making it glossier. It can be a bit difficult to use at first so here are a few tips to get you started.

Remember It’s Messy

Keep in mind that most of the pomades available on the market can be a bit messy. This means that if you are using more than just a little bit, you want to be sure to get dressed before using it. This will help avoid getting the product on your shirt when putting it on. If, however, you plan on wearing a button down shirt, it is best to get dressed afterwards as then you will not run the risk of getting any on your shirt while styling.

Start Small

Keep in mind that pomades are designed to stay in the hair so it is important to use small amounts whenever possible. The best way to find out how much you need is to start with a very small amount and slowly build up until you achieve the desired result. This is especially important if you intend to remove the pomade at the end of the day instead of leaving it in your hair as it can be difficult to remove.

How To Remove The Product

Because pomades are designed to stay in your hair, they can be difficult for some people to remove. If you are having problems removing it with your traditional shampoo, you should try using either strong clarifying shampoo. Work these washes into your hair when it is dry and slowly add water in small quantities, building foam and then adding more water once the foam dissipates. After you do this several times, you should then rinse out the clarifying shampoo.


Most pomade will come in a tin can because they need to be softened before use and the traditional method was on the stove. Today, most manufacturers recommend that you either rub a small quantity in your palms or put the can under a blow dryer for several minutes to soften it before use. You must always be sure to apply the pomade when your hair is dry as wet strands will create clumps that can be hard to remove.

Styling Tips

No matter what hair style you want, it is important to remember to start with clean, dry hair. If you want to create waves in your hair, you should first work the pomade in and then brush it into a wavy pattern. If you prefer a spiky look, you should start by adding pomade to the hair shaft’s base and then work towards the ends of the hair. It is best to use a comb to help create the spikes with the distance between the teeth determining the thickness of the spikes. Be sure to start with very small amounts as it is much easier to add more if you need it than to try to get it out when you have too much. Pomade continues to be one of the most versatile and best styling products for short hair.

Our Recommendations

Styling products come in all shapes, forms and textures. Many have fragrances and scents that work for you...others are unscented and don't mask perfumes, colognes, etc. Nourish® Pomade (see above or below) is probably our favorite. It has a very light aroma, great styling ability and hold, washes clean and resists build-up. American Crew pomade is probably the most popular national brand and is excellent for men and women.
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