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5 Most Common Hair Problems Faced by Women!

The beauty of women is enhanced through the various hair styles that they carry and maintaining healthy hair growth is necessary. Hair fall or hair loss is the bane of many a woman, and they suffer immeasurably distress when something goes wrong with their hair.

Here we have underlined some of the common hair problems faced by women.


No hair problem can be as common as dandruff. Dandruff is the manifestation of scaly particles that cling to the root of the hair. Some of the reasons for the accumulation of dandruff are a poor diet, infection, or even a slow rate of metabolism. A person suffering from stress is also liable to face this problem.

Do not make the mistake of supposing that dandruff and flaky scalp is one and the same thing. Identify the condition correctly and only used anti-dandruff products to cure this condition.

Split Ends

Women have split ends. A split end occurs when the end of the hair, becomes dry and brittle and begins to split. Such a condition is usually caused by the various styling efforts that a woman’s hair goes through. This includes the over combing or over brushing of hair, giving your hair a perm time and time again, improper used of heated hair appliances, constant coloring of hair etc. Lack of conditioning of hair can also go a long way in giving rise to split ends.

Frizzy Hair

Quite a lot of women are cursed with frizzy hair. Such hair is caused due to the dropping of moisture levels in the hair below normal levels. Too much brushing of the hair can lead to this condition, as does the passing of genes from the parents. Women should identify the potential causes of frizzy hair and tackle the problem.

Flaky Scalp

A large amount of women, suffer from the problem of a flaky scalp. This means white flakes of dead skin inhibit hair growth and lead to hair loss. The proper intake of essential vitamins and minimal use of high-chemical content, styling products will help minimize or prevent the formation of flaky scalp.

Dull, Gummy Hair

Many a times, hair will tend to gum up after treatment, in the case of women. This does not bode well for women, who want to style their hair on a regular basis. One of the causes of this condition is the usage of hard water, for the purpose of washing hair.

Hair Loss

Though generally considered one of the hair problems attributable to men, hair loss and particularly thinning is a common problem facing women; in fact, female hair loss has become one of the fastest growing consumer goods categories.

Unlike male pattern balding, female hair loss is often caused by things other than DHT. Stress, menopause, birth control, medication, changing hormones, and the plethora of hair styling products used by women are most of the the cause. Using a hair loss shampoo for women is a good start to provide adequate nutrition as well as clean dirt, oil and the build-up of product residue that cause hair to thin and fall-out.

These are the 5 most common problems suffered by women. Many people have common hair problems, there are tons of natural solutions for the problems. If you are having any of these problems, you may want to understand more about the growth stages of the hair.