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5 Big Mistakes To Avoid While Getting a Haircut

We've all done it, the notorious 'it'll look great on you' haircut that turned out to be the one you never forgot and just barely got over. Here is a chance to learn some of the top tips on what to avoid before and during your visit to the salon chair and some hair beauty products that help your favorite hair style.


Use the many tools available to you for finding the best haircut, even before you head into the salon. Many websites online offer virtual hairstyling to 'see' the cut on you before you even leave your home. Keep your face shape, likes and dislikes, and overall desired look in mind when looking for that perfect cut to mimic.

Finding The Best Salon

Expense is not always indicative of quality and immediately heading for the most expensive salon is not always the best choice. Question your friends and families for information where they go, which stylist they use. Visit different salons to see both the quality of haircuts leaving and the number of smiling customers following a new hairstyle.


Talk, talk, and talk again to your hair stylist. Make sure before he or she begins cutting that the style is clearly laid out. Planning ahead by bringing a picture of what you want or finding one at the salon is advised. Good communication is sometimes the difference between the perfect cut and the 'never forgotten disaster'.

Avoid Movement

Keeping as quiet as possible while in the stylist's chair is the easiest way to allow them to perform an expert job on your hair. Even the act of crossing your legs can throw off even the best of perfectionists. Help your stylist help you by telling them before you need to move to a more comfortable position, or sit still for the duration of the cut.

Avoid Correcting Your Stylist

By all means “DO” point out something you prefer or want changed, but do NOT tell him or her how to cut your hair. While it may seem out of order or complicated to you, it makes perfect sense to them and being told how to do their job could result in big mistakes, bad tempers, or both.

Your haircut is always your choice, but trusting your stylist to deliver what you want is necessary. Focus on the preceding tips and follow them prior to choosing that new hair style for a foolproof investment in redesigning your outward appearance.

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