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What Is Emu Oil For Hair Good For?

Emu oil has been around for many years. The oil is extracted from the birdís inedible parts. Aborigines have long known and used the healing powers of it for many things. The oil was mostly used to soothe painful muscles, skin irritations, burns as well as cuts. Today its use and effectiveness has expanded to include hair treatment. Hair needs vitamins and minerals just like the rest of the body in order to look vibrant and healthy. When hair loses its luster and hangs flat and dull from its roots, this is a flag for you that something is not quite as it should be with your health.emu oil

How Does It Work On Hair?

Because Emu oil is not synthesized in a laboratory, but is a totally natural product, it is safe to use. Its primary properties are to revitalize the skin on the scalp. This leaves pores and hair follicles better able to pull oxygen from adjacent blood vessels and consequently better able to fight inflammation and infections. Increased activity of hair cells result in healthier, shinier and stronger follicles. Since it is oil, it will act also to condition hair, giving it a smooth, rich appearance.

Other Benefits?

One of the most sought-after benefits of Emu oil for hair is the prevention of hair loss. The cellular boost in activity of skin and hair follicles has proven to compel a significant amount of increased hair growth. Emu oil does not contain any of the undesirable side effects of drugs known to increase hair growth. It is a natural product and will not cause harm to any cells and is perfectly safe to use. It has special importance to men who are subject to balding due to testosterone being converted to dihydrotestosterone. This dihydrotestosterone is responsible for the slow deterioration of hair follicles. Emu oil will keep those follicles that have not died but are degenerating, alive, thereby preventing excessive and rapid hair loss.

How Is It Used?

Emu oil for hair is used topically on the body parts where it is needed. It is easy and non-messy. Just a small amount, aemu oil shampoo and conditioner couple of drops in your hand will invigorate your entire head, scalp and follicles. Rub your palms to spread the oil all over your hands and then distribute it into your hair. Start at the roots and bring your hands to the tips of the hair to get the best benefit. It is also commonly used by adding a few drops into your palm and mixing with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. This gives you the added benefits of the application while continuing to use a cleanser or conditioner you have found that works best for your hair type or style.

Does Emu Oil Treat The Scalp As Well?

Deep hair and scalp treatments require a little extra time but they are well worth it. Apply the oil directly onto the scalp by parting the hair and applying the oil to the skin from the front of the head to the back. Then make another part of perhaps a centimeter to the left or right and do it again until your entire head has been treated. Lightly massage the oil into the scalp, cover the head with a shower cap and leave it on.
The amount of time you want to leave the oil on your scalp is up to you. Some people decide to leave it in all night. Afterward, shampoo your hair with Emu oil shampoo and condition it with emu oil conditioner. The effect will be healthier hair that is less brittle.
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