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Why Is Tourmaline Useful In Flat Irons?

Flat irons can be used to create silky, straight hair and a variety of other hairstyles. The plates of a flat iron are commonly made of aluminum, covered with a few coats of ceramic. Higher quality ceramic flat irons may have more layers of ceramic, and it is rare to find a flat iron that claims to be ceramic that is completely made of the material. Ceramic flat irons can cause tremendous damage, creating dry, brittle hair with split ends, especially when used on a daily basis.Tourmaline and flat irons
Tourmaline flat irons are made with tourmaline, a semi-precious stone that can be found in the United States, Russia, Brazil and Australia. This new technology has stirred interest among professional stylists as well and are were consistently included in the best flat iron for 2012. They are more expensive than their ceramic counterparts prices generally range from $100 to several hundred for a high-quality, name brand flat iron but the price is worth the healthy, smooth hair results.

Healthier Hair

Tourmaline flat irons can actually benefit the hair shaft by sealing in moisture and smoothing the strand. The sealed-in moisture prevents the hair from burning. Ceramic flat irons can deplete it of its natural moisture and oils. Tourmaline flat irons can even be used on wet hair. It will dry the hair from the inside out with minimal damage. Other ceramic flat irons claim to have this ability, but the damage to the cuticle from one of these flat irons is enormous. Tourmaline flat irons have the ability to not only cut down on straightening time, but they also provide a style that lasts longer.

Faster Straightening Time

Compared to ceramic flat irons, tourmaline flat irons can heat up roughly three times faster and provides heat that is evenly distributed across the plate. A major problem with ceramic flat irons is that the layers of ceramic can eventually peel off after continued use and, consequently, the heat is not distributed evenly across the plate. The peeling ceramic can allow the aluminum or other metal to show through and further damage the hair.
Tourmaline flat irons are a lot smoother and allow the hair to glide seamlessly over the plates. Chipping or peeling ceramic flat irons can pull on strands and even pull out hair. When using ceramic flat irons, it may be necessary to go over the hair section several times before achieving the results that a tourmaline flat iron can give in one stroke.

More Negative Ions

A major benefit of tourmaline flat irons is the negative ions that they produce. Damaged hair has a positive ion. Tourmaline flat irons have six times the negative ions of ceramic flat irons. The negative ions work to neutralize the positive ions of the frizzy, damaged hair strand. Generally, tourmaline flat irons have heat settings so that you can set the heat temperature that is appropriate for your hair type.