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The Top Rated Flat Irons for 2012

If you are looking to get the best flat iron you will have to look at several things. You already know that ironing out your curls and kinks requires a lot more than just a blow-dryer. A straightening iron will be able to get the job done for you provided that you pick the right one.
One common mistake which people make is to look at the wattage as an indicator of what the performance will be, but just like with high temperatures, wattage is not really the best indicator. You may have heard of nano-silver technology and ionic tourmaline but when you try them there is not much difference in their performance either. The good news is that another thing that does not seem to make much of a difference is the price that you pay.

CHI Digital CeramicCHI Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

Several new straighteners have been introduced in the past year with lots of fanfare and heavy advertising dollars, but the CHI Original continues to be the best selling and for good reason. CHI was the first to introduce ceramic plates to reduce snagging and temperature control to limit burning and damage.
The new CHI Digital Ceramic takes the "Original" one step further with faster heating times and digital temperature control. They have modified the design to be more ergonomic with rounded edges that give a more comfortable feel while allowing the plates to glide smoother through the hair. It comes with a new on/off toggle switch and an easy-to-use temperature control. It is our most requested straightener and continues to top our list.

Salon Tech Silicone 450 Professional Hairstyling Iron

It is not a surprise that we have Salon Tech as one of the best hairstyling irons. The Salon Tech Silicone 450 Professional Hairstyling Iron actually was the winner of the Best of Beauty Award from the 2010 issue of Allure Magazine. The reason why Salon Tech has been known in the beauty industry and especially this one particular model is because it can reach 450 degrees in less than 20 seconds. The coarsest hair will be flattened with just one pull. It is what puts it way ahead of the competition - making it one of the top flat irons available. You can also know when the iron is ready to use because of the sounds it will make when it is and if it is not being used, it will shut off after 30 minutes.

FHI Hit Runway

If you ask the professionals, the FHI Hit Runway is one of their favorites. Many in the beauty industry actually believe that this is the best flat iron that you will find on the market. One or two passes is all that you need to create smooth, sleek hair. The price tag is just a little over $300 and even so it was named the Best Beauty Buy back in 2009FHI Professional 1" for InStyle Magazine list. FHI has been one of the leaders in styling iron technology and the FHI Hit Runway is there to set the bar a lot higher for the competition.
The Runway, while the latest and greatest from FHI still comes in second to their ever-popular and best-selling FHI Professional. Long considered the standard by professional stylists and salons, it's fast heating ionic ceramic plates seem to last forever and do not snag or pull. Rarely can you visit a salon (un-sponsored) where you don't see a couple of Professionals lying around. We prefer the 1" design because it allows better versatility and reduces the risk of evaporating water at too fast a rate (read steaming).

Hai Ceramic Flat Iron

The reason why the Hai Ceramic Flat Iron has made the list is because though it gets so hot that it can straighten your hair, it will not get as hot where it will damage your hair. Your hair will stay straight when you use the Hai Ceramic Flat Iron and it is ready to use in less than 30 seconds. The Hai Ceramic Flat Iron has been named one of the Best Beauty Buys at InStyle Magazine for more than just a few years. The price of this flat iron is actually one of the best in the industry for what you get. It is a lot cheaper than a lot of the more recognized names in the competition and it will do just as good a job if not better. A good alternative is the Babyliss Pro TT flat iron.