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Redken Diamond Oil: Redkenís New Hair Products

Redken recently introduced their new line of products called Diamond Oil. Diamond Oil is not a specific type of oil; instead it is a blend that was created by Redken to provide a great deal of strength and shine that was not possible in any of their previous products. All of the oils that make up Diamond Oil are silicone free and include: coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, apricot oil, coriander oil and camelina oil.Redken Diamond Oil Hair Products


Redkenís goal when creating the Diamond Oil product line was to give their customers new benefits they were not able to see from previous products. With this vision, they combined their Shine Strong Complex with the Interlock Protein Network in the creation of Diamond Oil.
When working together, these items are able to target every portion of the hair in order to protect, replenish and strengthen it. Although each product in the line has its own specific benefits, there are some generalities. All of the products will strengthen the hair and provide additional shine and many of them will also protect from breakage and/or damage.
Each of the oils in the products has a specific purpose:
  • Coriander Oil: It smoothens, coats and seals the hair cuticle which in turn boosts shine.
  • Camelina Oil: It penetrates and seals the outer layer right under the hairís cuticle, filling in any gaps and softening to help reinforce the shine.
  • Apricot Oil: It uniformly penetrates the hair by going through layers and into the core which results in complete shine and conditioning, both inside and out.

The Products

The Diamond Oil Line from Redken contains five products to help protect your hair while completing different functions. They are available at Healthy Hair Plusģ and the products included are:
  • Diamond Oil Shampoo: This shampoo is designed specifically to help hair that is dull and damaged. It contains coriander oil, camelina oil and apricot oil. This combination of oils allows the product to strengthen your shafts in order to prevent breakage. In addition, this nourishing foam is a gentle cleanser that will give you shine that can actually last until your next shampoo.
  • Diamond Oil Conditioner: The conditioner contains the same three oils as the shampoo so it is not surprising that some of the results it produces are similar. Like the shampoo it protects from breakage and provides shine. Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof IntenseHowever, while the shampoo gives a durable shine, the conditioner focuses on restoring a sparkling shine to your hair. It will also help with hair that gets knotted easily because it smoothens the texture of the shaft and by adding moisture to your locks.
  • Diamond Oil Deep Facets: This is a deep conditioning treatment that is designed to be used anywhere between once a day and once a week. Like the previous two products, it contains coriander, camelina and apricot oils for shine and conditioning. It also helps give a protective layer which can prevent further damage and the oil-infused formula is able to replenish, strengthen and nourish your hair.
  • Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine: This is a concentrated leave-in product that is designed to help those with medium hair types. It contains oils from coriander, apricot, olive, jojoba, coconut and sunflower seeds. Like the other products, it is able to penetrate all of the hairís layers. It smoothens, coats and seals the hairís cuticle which both increases shine and protects from damage. Redken claims this product will make your hair three times stronger and have twice as much shine.
  • Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense: This product is very similar to Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine but it is designed for hair that is coarse or distressed. The only difference is the addition of apricot oils but all of the other ingredients and benefits are the same.