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What Causes Brittle And Breaking Hair?

What Causes Brittle and Breaking Hair? Lack of moisture, lack of strength and chemical and heat damage are the leading causes of brittle, breaking hair. Learn products and solutions. The most common cause for hair that breaks off easily is dryness and lack of nutrition. Healthy hair is very elastic and snaps back in place when you brush it.

If your hair has become dull and frizzy looking then you know it has lost something that it needs. Hair is made of proteins and keratin contained in the root of the follicle. If you are lacking any one of these amino acids making up the protein and keratin, your hair will break off with simple combing or brushing. You may find quite a few of broken hair pieces on your clothing. What causes brittle and breaking hair can be a number of factors.

What Are The Different Agents That Damage Hair?

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The number one cause is being in sunlight without wearing a hat. Then there are the chemical agents of the hair salon. These are generally safe if applied correctly. The damage happens when it is done too frequently.

Dry heat is also detrimental to the health of hair. Most causes are excessive use of some cosmetic process. Getting perms too frequently will damage your hair to the extent that it will break off. The chemicals in the perming solutions are quite strong and capable of doing extensive damage to your hair.

What Can Be Done About Brittle And Breaking Hair?

The good news is that you can reverse what causes brittle and breaking hair. With a restorative brittle hair treatment, you should be able to bring hair that has dried out back to life. You can certainly relieve the dryness and re-introduce some elasticity into your hair.

After the restorative treatment, avoid perms and tight curlers until your hair has fully recovered. The same caution applies to coloring your hair. Let its natural color grow out, if possible.

A healthy diet which includes vitamins and minerals is quite important for regaining the shine your hair had before damage occurred.

Other treatments include placing a raw, beaten egg onto your hair, leaving it in for perhaps a half hour, then washing it out carefully with very gentle shampoo. The other things you can do are not to pull your hair into any kind of tight hairdo. Leave it loose and let it heal.

Who Is Prone To Get Brittle Hair?

Brittle hair can happen to anyone who has hair. This is, however, mostly a problem women face. Hair that has been overexposed to UV sun rays will experience a breakdown of its keratin layer, become weak and break.

Chlorine from your swimming pool can act as an enormous drying agent on your hair, especially if you spend much of your time in the pool. It is imperative for you to wash your hair with a very mild shampoo at the end of the day.

To restore what chlorine has removed from the hair, you should be sure to use a deep conditioning treatment for damaged hair that will help restore breakage after shampooing.

broken, torn hair strand
Much damage to your hair can come from daily hair dryer usage, especially if you use the high, or hot, setting. The heat will strip your hair of its elasticity and when you use your curling iron afterward, you may find many broken hair strands when you are done.

A large part of it is also from the application of harsh chemicals from salons and at home. Some medical conditions as well as the treatment thereof may also cause a change in hair consistency and strength.
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