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What Causes Scalp Dermatitis?

Scalp dermatitis, also known as Seborrheic dermatitis, is a scalp and skin condition that affects tissue and can have various effects on other parts of your body. Typical symptoms are skin will feel scaly, itchy, tenderness, scalp sores, and you may notice dandruff-like symptoms that aren't easily controlled with over-the-counter treatments.
The scalp will also be reddish in color and will sometimes feel like a small burn. There are several areas that can also be affected when you have scalp dermatitis and those include arms, legs, face, ears, chest etc. So what causes scalp dermatitis in your specific case? Here are some possibilities.

What Causes Scalp Dermatitis: Common Culprits

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Researchers are beginning to get a clear picture of possible contributing factors. Malessezia is a yeast skin fungus that seems to be directly related to scalp dermatitis. The fungus will grow in those parts of the scalp that are oily. It has also been observed that the seasons play a role when you get the condition; most cases show up in the winter and the summer.
If your immune system is compromised by viruses such as HIV or AIDS, then that will increase your chances of developing scalp dermatitis. Family history also plays a role, so if your parents had the condition, then it is more likely that you will develop it as well. There have also been cases where stress and even fatigue have shown to increase chances of dermatitis of the scalp.

Donít Ignore The Signs:

If you are getting scalp dermatitis you will have several symptoms which you should not ignore. These signs can be hard to spot because every sheds skin cells on a regular basis and it can be confused for dermatitis.
The symptoms that you will see are dandruff and also a flaky scalp. You will also begin to notice scales on your scalp which are white or yellow in color. You may even see red greasy skin on the scalp and the red spots (and the scalp in general) will be itchy. If you have those symptoms then you should see a dermatologist to help you control the dermatitis.

Remedies To What Causes Scalp Dermatitis:

Because you have scalp dermatitis it does not mean that you have to live with it. There are some remedies that are sold over the counter and some that are sold with prescription. Whether you need a prescription will depend on how advanced the dermatitis is and what your dermatologist says. Generally, a good seborrheic dermatitis shampoo with Zinc PCA and that is paraben-free will help tremendously.
Most of the time you can treat the condition with anti-dandruff shampoo and you can also buy anti-fungal shampoos as well. If your dermatologist feels that the problem would be better treated with a prescription then you will more than likely get Cortisone lotions.
Because of the strength of cortisone lotions they should not be used every day. You should follow the instructions of usage that your doctor gives you. You can also learn more by reading tips for controlling dandruff and dermatitis.
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