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Top 5 Reasons for Hair Breakage

It is difficult to avoid and generally no one can avoid hair breakage. It is a natural process that is a result of various reasons. All you can do is try to limit hair fall, by strengthening your hair. We have tried to underline the 5 reasons and causes that usually lead to hair breakage.

Hair Perms and Breakageweak, breaking hair

Permanent curls or Perms are one of the most common causes of hair breakage in a large number of people. If the hair isn’t in good condition, when the perm is given, then even more hair is liable to break. Perms, straightening and other chemical treatments break-down the protein bonds that give hair it's strength, shape, and moisture retention capability. When these bonds are broken, follicles become weak and susceptible to moisture loss and increased chance they will break.

You must always get a perm from a well-trained person otherwise an untrained procedure will leave you with a less amount of hair, as compared to when you started. The solution that is used in a hair perm is the chief culprit when it comes to hair breakage as at times it is kept in the hair for too long a time and at other times, the solution is much too strong.

Hair Dye

Another reason for hair breakage is the constant use of hair dye. Hair dye is after all made up of potent chemicals, which are not good for your hair. One of the severest after-effects of using hair dye is hair breakage. This is because an excessive drying of hair strands takes place, which results in a condition known as split-ends. Ultimately, this results in hair breakage and hair loss.

Excessive Combing or Brushing

Some people are obsessed with their hair. If you are one of those, then get out of the habit quickly. Do not brush or comb your hair all the time. We use a brush or comb to style our hair and many a times, this style would be a direct contradiction to the direction of hair growth. Thus combing or brushing puts pressure on the roots of the hair, resulting in breakage of hair.

Also the force used to comb or brush your hair is not constant and sometimes you are not gentle with your hair. The result is hair breakage.

Excessive Heat

When you blow dry your hair, you are exposing your hair to heat. You must take care in this regard as excessive heat will make your hair brittle and prone to breakage. The application of excessive heat results in the permanent damage to hair follicles, and is a leading cause of hair breakage. Think of this way, when a flat iron or dryer is used, moisture is evaporated. As with anything else, too much, too often can cause dryness, brittleness, and splitting.

Illnesses and Hair Breakage

Post operative stress, medicinal side effects, and various treatment procedures also lead to hair breakage. In such cases, once you stop the particular medical treatment or are cured from an ailment, the hair breakage will stop.

Solutions for Breaking Hair

Now that we have discussed some of the common causes that lead to breaking, let's discuss prevention. Brittleness and dryness lead to snapping and tearing of the follicle shaft. Using a conditioner for breaking hair or a shampoo for breaking hair can help and aid in mending torn fiberous connections.

As discussed, heat and chemicals re-structure the shaft's molecular structure as is evidenced by perms, relaxing, and straightening. When this occurs, nutrients and hydration in the medulla is damaged or depleted. Restoring balance is a necessary requirement to repairing damage and further preventing breaking.

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More Causes Hair Breakage?

Now that we've taken a look at the "Top 5" reasons we see breaking hair...let's look at the next layer and a little deeper(no pun intended) of several things you need to consider or look out for...
There are many reasons that hair becomes weak and brittle. Especially as years pass, your body stops producing the natural minerals that are necessary for healthy growth and development. Here are a few of the most common causes of breakage, and what you can do to prevent it from affecting you.

Lack Of Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks of nearly every system in your body, and hair is no exception. The strength, vibrancy, and volume of your hair are all largely affected by the amount of protein in the shafts. Protein is an amino acid that binds all of the other minerals and other amino acids in your hair together. If you have a protein deficiency, or you are generally not eating healthy foods, this can seriously affect how brittle or frayed your hair will be. Try ingesting more protein rich foods, like red kidney beans, some nuts, or some types of fish. If that is not the leading cause of brittle or weak strands, Hair Breakage kit by HealthyHairPlusit may be the actual amount of absorption of these proteins, indicating an actual physiological disorder.

Not Enough Keratin

This is another amino acid that is a major component in the strength of your tresses. While this is also a base protein in the body, unlike simple proteins which affect the strength of current shafts, keratin deals in the process of cornification, the system by which dead cells form your new hair growth. Keratin deficiencies are actually fairly common in adult females. This can be counteracted by eating healthier and aiding natural oil production...or by having a keratin treatment performed by your local hair salon or stylist. Too much sugar makes it harder for your body to replace and use keratin that you get from food, so cut back on those sweets!
As a note: The Healthy Hair PlusŪ product kit to the right was assembled by our staff and customer feedback to provide what we think is the best set of hair care for either repair or helping prevent most common damage - that include controlling frizz, detangling, conditioning, adding Keratin, moisture, and proteins. Vitamins can help build strength that resists breaking and protein conditioners and deep treatments help protect and repair.

Lack Of Natural Oils

Oils are extremely important in both the health of current locks, and the production of new strands. These oils help bind the strands of hair together, and infuse it with the appropriate amount of moisture. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the best compounds to help replenish the natural oils in your scalp. These can be gotten by ingesting lots of fish, and some types of nuts. You must also be careful about not washing away the natural oils you have built up in your hair. Brushing multiple times a day, washing everyday (for certain hair types), and blow drying can sap many of these natural oils from your scalp and hair, leaving it brittle and weak.

Unnatural Buildups

These are sugars, unnatural oils and dirt that clog the follicles on your scalp. A buildup of any of these materials can stunt the growth and, especially sugars, sap the good oils and nutrients from your hair. Natural oils can keep the follicles clear of dirt and silicates, but washing these oils away regularly will hinder this process, and make it dry and brittle. Brush your hair once a day, but when you do, be sure that you brush all the way down to the scalp, as this can break apart layers of build-ups, especially if it is dirt or dead skin