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Oily Hair & Scalp?

Effectve Shampoos & Conditioners to Reduce Oiliness and Improve Hair & Scalp Health!

Control and reduce oily hair and scalp with advanced formulas developed specifically for controlling, reducing and inhibiting excess oil production on the scalp. Excellent for addressing chronic oiliness, scalp irritation, redness, flaking and symptoms of Dermatitis and Scalp Psoriasis.
Follicleanse® root cleansing & sebum regulating shampoo and conditioner! Follicleanse® is our best-selling oily hair shampoo to regulate sebum for balanced cleansing and healthy scalp and hair! Hair products for oily and greasy hair!

Our Most Effective Shampoo for Oily Hair! best shampoo for oily hair

Follicleanse® for oily hair & scalp - A Zinc and Zinc PCA, natural-based cleanser gets to the source of oily scalp and hair - over-active sebaceous glands. It uses naturally occurring Zinc to regulate oiliness and improve scalp and hair health with effective Fenugreek and Sage - both excellent for clarifying dirt, oils, and contaminants.
Healthy Hair Plus'® most popular shampoo for oily hair and regulating sebaceous gland secretions. Rich in Zinc PCA and botanical extracts to reduce inflammation, irritation and oil production! A clean scalp and hair growth go hand-in-hand.
  • Deep cleans dirt, oil and product build-up
  • Reduces & controls excess oil production from sebaceous glands
  • Infuses vitamins and botanicals to help heal and revitalize
  • Increases blood flow to the scalp & inhibits DHT
  • Paraben-Free - Gentle on Scalp and Hair!
Shown effective for controlling and minimizing greasiness and excess sebum! Smells wonderful! Use 3 -7 times weekly! It can be used as pre-shampoo (use Follicleanse® first and then shampoo with your favorite shampoo) or it can be used alone. Works great for clogged follicles, scalp inflammation problems and for addressing symptoms of scalp psoriasis, dermatitis and dandruff, too.
Regular Price:  $18.00
Our Price:  $13.95....You Save 23%!!
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"I have had a lot of problems getting my hair clean lately because it's been so oily, but using this shampooFind more products for oily hair below! definitely does the trick. You may have to wash your hair twice in the shower with this shampoo if it's really dirty, but other than that it works really well!"  Nicole, Bellmawr, NJ
"I purchased this shampoo for my daughter who was suffering with overly oily hair.  After trying a dozen or so shampoos purchased at local drug stores, she has found the one that solved the problem.  She now wants the conditioner!"  Boca Raton, FL
"I have had greasy hair and scalp for 10 years and nothing worked until I tried your Follicleanse® shampoo. I love that it uses botanicals to cleanse away the oils and keep them away instead of harsh chemicals. It is the best I've used for oily hair!"   S. Rivers, NYC NY
"Better than any tar shampoo for dry itching scalp due to psoriasis...scalp is clean and no more itching....highly recommend!" Kelly, Long Beach, CA
"I have struggled with greasy hair ever since my early teenage years. I could hardly go a full day after a shower without my hair getting greasy. I've tried every shampoo under the sun; this is the first one that's actually made a difference. Oil-free all day, not even too oily the next morning. Also does not dry my hair out. I've only been using it for a week now, and it even seems like it's stopping my hair from shedding. Healthy Hair Plus is the bomb, I plan to buy from them always. Great service and timely shipping. Thank you thank you."   Kate from SLC, UT United States
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Follicleanse Conditioner Follicleanse Shampoo No Weight Conditioner
List Price: $18.00
Our Price: $12.35
You save $5.65!

List Price: $18.00
Our Price: $13.25
You save $4.75!

List Price: $16.99
Our Price: $14.97
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Follicleanse® Conditioner Follicleanse® Shampoo No Weight® Conditioner
Deep-penetrating, deep-moisturizing conditioner helps control oiliness, flaking and dandruff.  Rich in Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, and botanical extracts. Helps repair damage while hydrating! Excellent for oily scalp, fighting hair loss and thinning, and encouraging hair growth! Deep-cleaning clarifying shampoo for oily hair, dandruff, inflammation, build-up & residue. Stimulates circulation & naturally inhibits DHT for healthier hair growth. Excellent Zinc shampoo for dandruff, flaking, itchy scalp, scalp irritations...and reducing oiliness. A Best-Selling, Customer Favorite! Lightweight, moisturizing conditioner hydrates and conditions without weighing down your style! Natural-based extracts enhance hair's appearance by working on the scalp, root and hair fiber. Light, effective hair conditioning. Adds body, volume and shine while reducing frizz, breaking and fly-away!
Follicleanse Shampoo - 12 fl oz Follicleanse Conditioner - 12 fl oz sfree CLARIFY Shampoo
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $14.99
You save $5.01!

List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $15.99
You save $6.01!

List Price $20.00
Our Price: $18.86
Sale Price: $17.49
You save $2.51!

Follicleanse Shampoo - 12 fl oz Follicleanse® Conditioner - 12 fl oz sfree® CLARIFY Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo
Our favorite clarifying shampoo now in a large, 12 fl oz package! Our best-selling cleanser for oily hair, dandruff, and cleaning oil, dirt, and product residue and build-up from hair and scalp! Our favorite conditioner now in a large, 12 fl oz package! Our best-selling conditioner for oily hair, dandruff, and cleaning oil, dirt, and product residue and build-up from hair and scalp! sfree® Clarify is our favorite sulfate-free clarifying shampoo for cleaning oil, dirt & product residue!  Sulfate-free, paraben-free, sfree® Clarify is an excellent shampoo for oily hair, dandruff, flakes and itching. Gentle on damage-prone scalp and sensitive hair! Ideal for color-treated and chemically-treated hair!
Follicleanse Shampoo and Conditioner Oily Hair and Scalp Kit Follicleanse Shampoo & Conditioner - 12 oz
List Price: $36.00
Our Price: $23.81
You save $12.19!

List Price: $32.95
Our Price: $26.95
You save $6.00!

List Price: $42.00
Our Price: $27.99
You save $14.01!

Follicleanse Shampoo and Conditioner Oily Hair and Scalp Kit Follicleanse Shampoo and Conditioner - 12 oz
Our best-selling clarifying shampoo & conditioner for oily hair, itchy scalp, dandruff and flaking. Zinc formulas regulate oiliness, condition and moisturize, help inhibit DHT and battle thinning hair and hair loss!  SAVE 43%!! Oiur most effective Oily Hair and Scalp products deep-clean with root cleansing, sebum regulating shampoo & lightweight conditioner! Cleans oiliness, grease, grime, dirt and contaminants with natural extracts & Zinc - Conditions without adding weight or flattening your hairstyle! New 12 fl oz size! Our best-selling shampoo and conditioner for cleansing build-up, residue and for reducing dandruff, oily hair and scalp and for addressing inflammation, itchiness and common scalp problems. Zinc and natural plant extract formulas!

Products to Consider for Oily Hair!

Controlling chronically oily or greasy hair can be frustrating. While environmentals factors such as heat and humidity can play a key role, over-active subeceous glands in the hair follicles are the primary cause. Regulating, controlling or inhibiting these glands is the most effective method for reducing oiliness.
Shampoos and conditioners, such as the Follicleanse® brand of hair care products, were specifically developed to help you get clean, fresh hair! See more customer reviews and testimonials below. Products we recommend:
  • Follicleanse® Shampoo
  • Follicleanse® Conditioner (conditioning plus Zinc PCA to control oil)
  • sFree® Clarify (Sulfate-free cleanser with Zinc and extracts for oil control)
  • No Weight® Conditioner (Light-weigh conditioner that adds moisture without introducing heavy oils)
No Weight® Conditioner builds body into hair while controlling oils. Should be used in conjunction with Follicleanse® Shampoo. Can be used daily if desired! Uses panthenol to thicken hair and leave very full. Stimulates hair for optimal healthy hair.
Oily Hair Shampoo - Most shampoos never address the cause of excess oils Follicleanse® does. The healthiest shampoos you will ever use from Healthy Hair! A great shampoo for greasy hair. Shampoo for greasy hair - Cleaning oily hair can be tricky but needs to be done to maintain scalp health.
See what customers say about Healthy Hair Plus® Follicleanse®...
"I bought the follicleanse shampoo to start my hair loss treatment by removing any unwanted residue. My hair got very clean and I also gave it to one of my daughters whose hair looked oily even shortly after washing. One wash with the follicleanse shampoo did the trick.  I like to use it only sporadically, to not dry out my hair too much and use the emu oil shampoo most of the time. Even my hairstylist was impressed with my hair and asked what shampoo I was using."   Oro Valley, AZ

"This is a very special shampoo that I enjoy using daily. My hair is shining and it has help my dry/flaky scalp. I highly recommend this product..." J. Morelli, Levittown, NY


I purchased this product because I had an itchy scalp issue with little red bum in different areas of my scalp. I decided to try this product and it proved to be effective, eliminating the red bumps along with the itching. Will definitely purchase more!  Bronx, NY USA

"I have oily roots, and dry ends, and I have 2 children with flaky scalp, but oily roots. I have tried just about everything, but I hadn't found a shampoo that fit all of our needs, as our hair types are very differnt. This shampoo works... I no longer have flat oily roots, and my 2 children no longer have flaky scalps. I have more body to my hair, and it is shiny now too. I now use the follicleanse 2 times a week. I also use the Emu oil shampoo, conditioner, and emu oil, and the Nourish conditioner alternated too. My hair is getting thicker, and no longer falling out by the handful. My 2 daughters, no longer have flaky, dry scalp, and their hair is less frizzy and shinier. The smell is fantastic too... I highly recommend this product as it has been a blessing for us!"    T. Terrell from Channelview, TX United States
"I have extremely oily hair and this is the only shampoo on the face of this earth that keeps my hair from getting greasy the same day. I still have to wash my hair everyday, but before using this shampoo I had to wash my hair twice a day to keep it clean. I just hope and wish there was a shampoo out there that would keep my hair grease-free for at least two days in a row, but till I discover such a miracle, I would keep using this savior of a shampoo everyday. Would definitely recommend it!"   Ann K from Montreal, QC Canada

Key Benefits of Shampoos for Oily or Greasy Hair...

  • Natural Zinc PCA deep-cleansing washes away oils, dirt, bacteria and contaminants
  • Thyme & Sage detoxify the scalp and pollutants
  • Breaks down bad oils in the scalp reducing flaking
  • Does weigh down hair or harshly strip natural oils
  • Regulates the sebum gland reducing overactive oil development 
  • Improves scalp tissue and hair health naturally adding topical nutrition
  • Herbal extracts help reduce irritation and inflammation
  • Full 45 day money back guarantee!