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My Hair is So Thin! I want thicker hair!

We’re glad you asked! Wait no more if you want thicker hair!

Re-thicken® Shampoo
and Re-thicken® Thickening Elixir is the answer to your hair products dreams. Your dull, thin, lifeless hair will be changed from thin to thick while adding volume and manageability to get that “wow” head turning look you have been waiting for. Both of these well known products are what you have been searching for to obtain the thicker more luxurious hair you have always desired.

Why So Thin?thick hair

Two primary reasons come into play when getting the thin hair hand you have been dealt.

One is genetics. For many of us the style, type, thickness and other attributes are determined at birth; some of have curls, some don't; some have black hair, some have blonde.

The same holds true for thickness. My father had thin hair; not to say it was sparse or thinning, just the strands were relatively thin making it hard for him to control his hair. He had to shampoo daily with a thickening shampoo to get volume or body. So, unfortunately if your hair is thin from heredity, making the best of it with shampoos, conditioners and styling aids is the best we can hope for.

The good news is many of these products work very well and you will be happy you used them.

Two is nutrition. While many of us have a relatively balanced diet, hair and nails require some specific ingredients - minerals, nutrients, vitamins and proteins to grow their best. It is easy to spot someone who has chronically had a poor diet - poor tone to their skin, straggly hair and nails, poor bone structure or chronic digestive or internal organ problems.

Similarly, hair (and nails require and demand the same nutrition. Using a specifically formulated supplement can help improve thickness, body and shine. A case in point is when we feed our dogs certain supplement, vitamins or foods. Their coats become more shiny, less shedding, improved thickness and a softer feel. The same goes for

Re-thicken® Shampoo cleanses your hair of impurities, that was adding weight, which left your hair looking dull, oily, lifeless, and without volume. Re-thicken® Shampoo also adds botanicals that expand your hair shaft giving your hair the thickness you are wanting.products for those who want thicker hair
After using the Re-thicken® Shampoo add the leave in Re-thicken® Elixir Thickening Gel. It complements the shampoo by adding in the additional proteins, and sealing in the moisture making your hair healthier and fuller completing the desired look and feel while giving you the volume and manageability your hair has been waiting for if you
want thicker hair.

So the next time you are looking for that special product to clean, revitalize, thicken, moisturize, and add volume while leaving your hair the healthiest it has been. Look no further than our Re-thicken® Shampoo and Re-thicken® Elixir. Read more about how to get thicker hair or save by buying our Thicker Hair Kit and get both the shampoo and thickening elixir at low, special price!
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Re-Thicken® Hair Thickening Shampoo
Re-Thicken Shampoo
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Our best hair thickening shampoo deep cleans and thickens! Leaves hair full of body, volume, rejuvenated & more manageable. Removes impurities hair and leaves your hair looking and feeling thicker! Excellent for thin and thinning hair!

You Want Thicker Hair?thin, fine hair thicker

The best solution for getting thin, thinning or limp hair thicker is to use a thickening shampoo or leave-in conditioner that plumps the hair follicles.

While many of us many have healthy hair, thin hair (either the number of follicles in the scalp or diameter of the follicles we have) is primarily a functions of genes and heredity.

While improving the health of your hair with HHPs Hair Nutrition Vitamins can help if you lack certain proteins and amino acids in the papilla (root of the follicle), thinness requires expanding and enlarging the diameter of the follicle shaft and cuticle.

This is best done with cleansers that enlarge the hair making it thicker and allowing it to hold styles and volumes on a regular basis. These are especially effective hair products for thin or fine hair that needs additional volume, body and styling control.

Shampoos and thickening gels, like Re-Thicken®, do just that - by swelling the follicle shaft giving your hair the appearance and feel of enhanced thickness.