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Expensive Hair Treatments
By now you have tried hundreds of shampoos, conditioners and styling treatments and no doubt you still have your hair problems but why? Are you buying the cheap stuff - finding it on the drugstore or grocery store shelf? Many answer yes but some answer no to this. We here is some shocking news.
Most women that use salon shampoos and conditioners like the way their hair looks better than those that don't. So what about the next step. Maybe the way your hair looks is important but how about how healthy your hair is as well. Your hair's health should be the #1 priority! IF you do this then you will find that the healthier that it is the better that it is for styling. Healthy Hair Plus products go after all three levels of hair care! The Scalp, The Roots and The Hair Shaft. Try Healthy Hair Plus Treatments and find what is right for your hair!
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Thermal Protector So Strong Leave-In Conditoner Argan Oil
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $12.95
You save $4.00!

List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $12.99
You save $3.96!

List Price: $16.99
Our Price: $13.95
You save $3.04!

Nourish® Thermal Protector So Strong® Leave In Conditioner Nourish Argan Oil
Non-stick, frictionless thermal protectant reduces damage permitting a clean, smooth release from styling tools - flat irons & curling irons. Hair is left brushable & volumized. Protects from heat damage and guards against breakage, snagging, tearing & splitting!

Our best-selling leave-in, spray-on conditioner for strength and shine. Increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling. Great with flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers and curlers. Creates shine without weight while adding supern strength. Detangles, strengthens, smooths and guards against damage!

Argan Oil is our best-selling product for reducing frizz, increasing shine & smoothness, and repairing split-ends. Significantly reduces drying time & improves styling. A must-have moroccan oil for flat iron use or with blow dryers and curling irons! Adds brilliant shine!
Deep Treatment Follicleanse ME PLUS Shampoo Kepatos Greek Keratin Treatment Kit
List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $16.95
You save $5.00!

List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $17.25
You save $2.70!

List Price: $98.95
Our Price: $69.99
You save $28.96!

Nourish® Deep Treatment Conditioner Follicleanse Me® PLUS Shampoo Kepatos Greek Keratin Treatment Kit
Our best conditioning deep treatment for damaged, distressed or breaking hair! Restores health, moisture, and helps repair damage from heat, UVA/UVB, chemical treatments and perms. Helps repair frizz, controls breaking, and adds body and volume. Advanced clarifying, moisturizing Peppermint-Menthol mint shampoo invigorates, stimulates & deep cleans. Infuses hydration, vitamins and nutrients. Excellent for naturally clarifying product build-up and residue, oily hair, or for "treating" your hair and scalp. Refreshing, clean scent! Complete professional at-home keratin treatment kit! Keratin infused shampoo, conditioner, remedy smoothing serum & intense repair masque. Formulated with natural extracts, Panthenol, Keratin, amino acids and proteins, for smooth, strong, shiny hair!