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Hair Brushes For Different Hair Types

Will Any Old Brush Do? Definitely Not!
You wouldnít think it, but the kind of hair brush you use matters quite a lot. Most of us just grab the nearest brush and run it through our hair before we dash off somewhere, but this is really not the right thing to do. Brushing your hair not only keeps it well groomed and under control, it brings out the natural oils that keep your hair glossy and healthy from the roots to the tips. It is one of those hair products we don't spend much time thinking about, but can make a big difference in our ability to style.
What Are the Different Kinds of Hairbrushes Available?Hair brushes for all hair types
There are all kinds of brushes that are used to deal with different kinds of hair Ė such as round and flat thermal hairbrushes, paddle brushes, wire brushes, oval brushes, sculpting brushes, and cushioned hairbrushes.
When Do You Use Different Brushes?
Paddle brushes are useful when you want to smoothen or straighten your hair, especially if itís curly or waves. They donít increase hair volume, and are generally large and flat, covering a large part of the hair with each stroke.
Sculpting brushes are used on razor-cut hair with sharp edges Ė they are ideal for cropped and layered hair. This kind of brush can be used for backcombing when you want more volume.  
Brushes with widely spaced bristles are best for long hair, especially slightly heavy ones like those made of heavy plastic, wood or ebonite, which donít cause static or damage hair. If youíve got thick, curly hair, use a wire hairbrush. Long, straight hair is best brushed with an oval hairbrush.
Round thermal brushes, which come in small, medium, large and jumbo-sized barrels, are good for short hair which is being blow dried, creating more waves and volume. Flat thermal brushes make hair look smooth, straight and flat. Use a cushioned hairbrush if you want to prevent breakage Ė these are particularly for straight, medium length hair.
Bristles of a hairbrush may be made of wire, or synthetic or natural materials. Synthetic ones are usually cheaper, but cause a lot of static in the hair.   
Donít Give Your Hair the Brush-Off!
Itís important to find the right type of brush for your hair. Use the facts mentioned above to make the right decision, depending on your hair type, length and cut, and on what you find most comfortable. Brushes are one of those hair products thast can make a big difference in not only the outcome of your styling, but in its health.  Using the wrong brush can lead to heat damage, breaking and increased static.
And donít forget to brush your hair a hundred times before you go to bed Ė this really is good for your hair!
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