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Dry Hair

Best Dry Hair & Dry Scalp Shampoo

Our most popular shampoo for dry hair, damaged or hard to control hair. Omega 3's, deep penetrating moisture and anti-inflammatory properties make this the most effective treatment for rebuilding body and volume while deep cleaning dirt, oil and bacteria. In fact, according to most of our customers, this is the best shampoo...period!

Our Best Shampoo for Dry Hair!

A super-moisturizing shampoo that infuses hydration with Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, and a three-complex of silk proteins. Works to add moisture at three molecular levels for the softest, most manageable hair possible!
Rich in healing Panthenol, Jojoba Oil, Emu Oil Shampoo is gentle on your scalp and hair while providinBuy shampoo for dry hairg strengthening benefits that help reduce breaking and split-ends. Voted Best Shampoo by our Customers for solving dry hair and dry scalp problems...and as a daily shampoo!
  • Emu Oil penetrates deep for maximum moisture retention
  • Panthenol and Jojoba Oil for follicle and scalp health
  • Naturally-derived amino acids rebuild strength and reduce breaking
  • Paraben-free preservative
  • Superior control, body and fullness
  • Helps repair damage from heat, treatments, coloring
An effective anti-fungal treatment, this shampoo is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that soothes scalp irritation and calms itching while leaving your hair soft, silky and manageable.

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo Hydrates & adds Body and Fullness!

Regular Price: $17.95
Special Sale Price: $14.49...You Save $3.46!

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"This is the only shampoo that I have used that actually worked for my dryness. My scalp is not dry anymore either. My hair looks and feels healthier than I remember in a long time. Your hair products work wonderfully and smell great."
Debra M., Boulder CO

"This shampoo is the best to add moisture to your hair and scalp. If you have issues with dry brittle hair this is the shampoo for you."
C. Jarrett, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I have been a user of this shampoo and conditioner for over 2yrs (have my cosmetology license); I must say I receive more compliments about how healthy, shiny and beautiful my hair is and of course I recommend this product as I use it every day. My scalp is very dry from the chemical processes (highlights) and it helps to beautify and make my scalp and hair strand remain in a very healthy status which is important for growth and cell regeneration. Also the products are safe for your hair and skin. Cannot say enough about this product, not too heavy and makes my hair very shiny with lots of body."
K. Cirillo, Middleton, DE

See all of our shampoo for dry hair below
. Looking for a sulfate-free shampoo? We have it! In fact, our sulfate-free brand sFreeŽ is one of the best selling brands in the U.S. - a complete line of shampoos and conditioners to address dry hair problems, accelerate hair growth, and to help prevent loss, thinning and shedding.
  • Dry Hair & Scalp
  • Damaged hair from heat and chemical treatments
  • Dry Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Nappy Hair
  • Repair Split Ends, Brittle, Weak & Breaking strands
  • Dry Brittle Frizzy Hair Treatment
  • Best Hair Products for Dry Frizzy Hair
  • Fix dry scalp, dry hair
Great low-cost products below for dry and frizzy hair. Great Shampoos for Damaged Hair! For more information, visit these links:

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Emu Shampoo sfree MOISTURE Shampoo ProFolla Silk Moisture Shampoo
List Price: $17.95
Our Price: $14.49
You save $3.46!

Our Price: $17.99

List Price: $17.95
Our Price: $14.45
You save $3.50!

Emu Oil Shampoo sfree® MOISTURE Sulfate Free Shampoo ProFolla Silk® Moisture Shampoo
Emu Oil Shampoo formulated with 100%, Grade A Emu Oil. Excellent for adding moisture & hydration to dry, brittle, lifeless hair. Adds body, volume & superb manageability. Improves moisture content & hydration. Natural anti-bacterial properties for improved hair & scalp health. sfreeŽ Sulfate-free Moisture is our favorite shampoo! Sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo rinses clean leaving & hair fresh and full of body! Gentle on the scalp and hair, while adding fullness, shine and styling control! excellent for color-treated and chemically treated hair! Replenishes deep moisture to heal & repair dry, damaged or lifeless hair. Strengthens adding body, shine and sheen. Reduces breakage and snapping. Formulated for black hair and African American hair types.
Sfree Emu Oil Cleanser Emu Shampoo & Conditioner Emu Oil
Our Price: $15.95

List Price: $35.35
Our Price: $31.75
Sale Price: $25.99
You save $9.36!

List Price: $22.95
Our Price: $15.45
You save $7.50!

Sfree Emu Oil Cleanser Emu Shampoo & Conditioner Emu Oil - 100% Pure, Grade A
Emu Oil shampoo/cleanser adds volume, body and moisture. Sulfate-free formula is gentle on scalp. Excellent for color-treated hair. Helps promote new hair growth and naturally inhibits DHT. Delivers max hydration and nutrition! Emu Shampoo and Conditioner ~ Sper-moisture for scalp and dry, fly-away hair adding bounce and control! Excellent for adding moisture, helping repair damage, breaking & split-ends! Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, Panthenol, Jojoba Oil, and 100%, Grade A Emu Oil. Improves volume, body and manageability. Deep-penetrating moisture for hair & scalp. Treats irritation, rash and redness. Ideal for scalp acne, psoriasis, flaking and itching. Use with other hair care products or alone! Excellent as an anti-bacterial & anti-fungus and for scalp cuts and abrasions. Leaves hair soft, shiny and smooth!
Dry Hair Shampoo Emu Oil Hair Kit Bioten Biotin Conditioner
List Price: $17.95
Our Price: $14.49
You save $3.46!

List Price: $54.85
Our Price: $45.39
Sale Price: $41.95
You save $12.90!

List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $17.35
You save $4.60!

Dry Hair Shampoo Emu Oil Hair Kit Bioten® Biotin Conditioner
Our best selling dry hair shampoo adds nutrition and body to fine, thin or lifeless hair. Rich on Omega 3's to add strength leaving you with beautiful moisturized hair. Emu Oil shampoo, conditioner + 100%, Grade A Emu Oil fortified with Vitamin E! SAVE 24% on this exceptional Emu Oil Kit! Excellent for adding moisture for dry, brittle or damaged hair. Ideal for dry scalp and common dry scalp problems such as itching, flakes, and irritation! Rich in Omega 3, 6, & 9! Moisturizing Biotin vitamin conditioner with Trichogen, amino acids, Emu Oil and Jojoba Oil for super conditioning, added strength, and faster growing hair! Adds deep penetrating moisture and hydration for dry, brittle or damaged hair! Excellent for addressing thin hair, thinning and hair loss.
Nourish Dry Conditioner
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $15.95
You save $4.05!
Nourish Spray-on Leave-in Dry Hair Conditioner
Spray-on, leave-in dry hair conditioner - excellent for early morning, mid-day or evening hair revival. Leaves hair smooth with increased shine while taming dry ends, tangles, frizz and fly-away! Hand and convenient, too!
For other hair problems such as hair loss from nutrition and emu oil can help by blocking the hormone that cause thinning hair. Emu oil can also be very beneficial to black hair care as it moisturizes deep within the hair to prevent moisture loss. A Sulfate Free Shampoo can also help provide an all natural moisture solution.

Hair Vitamins and nutrition are also extremely important to healthy hair - hair vitamins should be an essential part of hair types to maintain healthy growing hair. We suggest that anyone has not tried emu oil products take a look at the testimonials page Emu oil shampoo, conditioner and skin products are the only products that penetrate deep enough to get to the source of skin and scalp problems and that includes hair.

Healthy Hair Plus on emu oil heralds it based on research for hair loss stating that emu oil works great for reawakening hair follicles especially when used with peptides and enzyme blockers as well as to end dry hair.
Emu oil Shampoo and Conditioner are our top selling shampoo and conditioner for adding moisture into the hair and emu oil to help prevent the onset of gray hair.

For hair to replicate as it should it must have omegas. And emu oil is the only ingredient that we know that can moisturize the hair enough to get it back up to an 9% moisture rate that it is supposed to be. Extremely beneficial to the scalp as well. Deep Treatment - Too much processing, too much curling iron heat or flat iron use or just from the toxins and pollutants. To be revived locks must be infused with extreme moisture and Deep Treatment does just that.

Quench locks that have been put thorough the ringer with endless processing. Emu Oil is noted for its ability to jump start hair growth and to end dry hair and scalp. It can be placed directly to the hair and scalp or it can be added to the palm of your hand when shampooing hair and worked through the hair. Great low cost products for dry and frizzy hair.

Emu Oil is loaded with Omega 3's making it one of the most sought after healthy hair ingredients. Follicle Stimulator Spray for dry hair faster Hair Growth. Finally a quick solution for keeping
hair healthy and growing properly. Just after you wash hair and after you towel dry give a spray to hair and then towel dry again and style hair. It can also be used at night just before bed.

A 10% Trichogen solution guaranteed to reduce hair loss and help get hair back into the growth cycle which means thicker and healthier hair for both men and women. DHT Blocker, EnzyBlock is a topical solution proven to help with hair growth. A top seller! A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR HAIR THINNING!