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  DHT Hair Loss Kit-DHT
DHT Hair Loss Kit

A complete DHT Blocker Hair Loss Kit! Our Best hair products for Hair Loss & Thinning!
  • Enzy Block topical DHT Blocker
  • Emu Oil for deep penetrating, new growth and nutrition
  • DHT Blocking Vitamins with Saw Palmetto, Nettle & Folic Acid
  • Deep cleansing DHT Shampoo with Trichogen extract formula
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Our Price: $82.45
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Size: A Complete Hair Loss Solution!



DHT Blocker Hair Loss Kit

Our Strongest, Most Effective Hair Loss Product Combination!

A complete DHT Blocker Hair Loss Kit
. Enzy Block DHT Blocker, Emu Oil deep penetrating moisturizer for healthy scalp and skin, DHT Blocking Vitamins for faster hair growth and deep cleansing DHT Shampoo. Our strongest combination to stop hair loss and thinning hair!

Enzy Block
DHT Blocker blocks DHT that leads to male and female pattern baldness. Most male and some female pattern baldness is related to hormones that change from testosterone to dihydratestosterone or dht. As DHT forms in the body and in the sebum gland in the scalp it attaches to the androgen receptors on hair's that genetically predisposed. In English this means if DHT forms in your scalp and you are susceptible to it then it will thin your hair at varying rates of speed. DHT destroys the blood supply to the hair. This is why scalp stimulation is important but more important is blocking DHT from forming.
  • Enzy-block does several things to combat dht.
  • It keeps it from forming in the scalp only which means that there are no side effects.
  • All the ingredients are all natural and listed below.
  • Extreme Hair Growth Stimulant Natural Solution no side effects
  • Works Well at the hair line and crown for hair loss.
  • This stimulant is used with great success in both women with hair thinning as well as men that have hair loss problems due to hormones of lack of stimulation.
  • Over 90% of women that use the ingredients found in Enzy block have had great success
Emu Oil is known as the healer and awakens follicles with deep penetration! Excellent for moisturizing scalp and skin. Add a little to the scalp at night or pour it in your bath water for the softest skin that you have ever had and to promote new hair growth and slow hair loss!. Anti-wrinkle properties! Softens and smooths while it conditions.
  • Known to make hair regrowHelps darken hair
  • Omega 3 nutrition that hair must have to grow properly
  • Emu Oil works great on dry hair and dry scalp and is often used for those that are suffering from lack of hair growth as emu oil is known to awaken hair follicles on the scalp.
  • Emu Oil Moisturizer is great to get rid of scalp and hair conditions. also check out our moisture shampoo.
  • Emu oil for hair is also known as a stimulant and does a good job of hair acceleration especially when combined with a hair vitamin. A good hair vitamin offers the rest of what hair needs to healthy.
  • Emu oil can be added to your shampoo or you can purchase emu shampoo
DHT Blocking Vitamins give your hair everything that it needs to be healthy. Compare our vitamins to those high priced vitamins and see that the only difference is the price! Guaranteed to get your hair growing healthier and faster. Hair growth is 2 to 3 times faster than your current hair growth rate. 1 inch per month. Today, most all women and men and not giving their hair what it needs to grow healthy, shiny and vibrant. Start today with American's best vitamin. All while blocking harmful DHT.
  • Faster growing hair
  • Grow longer hair
  • Healthy Hair
  • Prevent hair damage and loss
  • Helps to supply amino acids that are used to build up the hair structure resulting in healthier looking and acting hair
DHT Shampoo deep cleansing shampoo to cleanse the root and scalp and remove sweat and product build up on follicle openings for fuller healthier hair. Regulates sebum. Perfect to remove regular build up on hair and scalp! Solves oily scalp! All natural and gentle! A must have maintenance product!
  • Deep cleansing Shampoo eliminates build up on root of hair
  • A top seller for women and men
  • Gets to the root of the problem
  • Removes clutter from the hair root
  • Deep cleansing shampoo for those that have sebum build up on the root of the hair.
  • Works extremely well on scalp oils and oily hair that can be bothersome.
  • It uses a special combination of herbal ingredients that get to the source of excess scalp oils
  • A complete DHT Blocker Hair Loss Kit
  • Enzy Block DHT Blocker
  • Emu Oil deep penetrating moisturizer for healthy scalp and skin
  • DHT Blocking Vitamins for faster hair growth
  • Deep cleansing DHT Shampoo
  • Our strongest combination for hair loss and thinning hair!
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Healthy February 14, 2015
Reviewer: greg from modesto, CA United States  
Great product, makes hair thicker and strong

So far so good! March 2, 2013
Reviewer: Maipazee Lee from Tacoma, WA United States  
I gave it a 4 only because I just started using this product and don't know if it'll help regrow my hair loss..but I've been liking the product, my hair feels great for once! I'll be back in a month for updates! Thanks!

GREAT! ! ! ! July 10, 2012
Reviewer: from Durham, NC  
The Hair produces works GREAT!!!!!! Harir grew back in no time.! LOVE IT!!!