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Bald? Balding? Worried You Are Headed That Way!
What Products Work Best For Faster Hair Growth? At last count there were over 500 solutions for balding women and men. Many are natural and many are chemicals such as Rogaine and Propecia.
So what works? What doesn't? My name is Shan Mulford and I have been a hair product consultant for many years. I have studied hair under the microscope and have worked on formulations for many different products. I have trialed and tested ingredients from herbs to vitamin combinations for a variety of hair care products. I have had the privilege of working with some great ingredients such as emu oil which is truly a breakthrough in hair care and skin care. I have seen the value of omega 3's and the value that they play in skin care and hair care. So you can imagine how shocked I was when I saw hair grow on a young man that was completely bald!
It wasn't from a shampoo and it wasn't from a chemical like Rogaine or Propecia. It was from GRASS! Not the kind of grass that you smoke! You got excited there didn't you! No, it came from juicing wheat grass! Ever heard of it. Well I had from the early 90's when wheat grass was still held over from the 80's when there were actually wheat grass bars in California. Why?
Because wheat grass is extremely healthy for you. Now that I have your curiosity peaked let me explain something. This hair growth was not from a pill. It was not from eating actual grass. it was from juicing wheat grass and using a deep cleansing shampoo such as Follicleanse shampoo. Wheat grass is made up of an extreme amount of vitamins, minerals and more! And I mean much more including chlorophyll. You remember that. It is the green in all the green plants that you see. It is also the basis of life.
Next week I will explain more about Wheat Grass and why it works. I will also say that when you deep cleanse your scalp from years of build up and debris you can significantly decrease the rate of hair problems, especially hair thinning and loss ( and this goes double for women). Hair vitamins for hair thinning and hair loss.
The best way to deep cleanse the hair root is to use Follicelanse shampoo and mix it with Jojoba oil. To mix: Pour Follicleanse shampoo in your hand with jojoba oil. Use about a quarter size of shampoo and about a dime size of jojoba oil. Mix them in your hand together and then massage into the scalp. The jojoba oil carries the shampoo deeper into the scalp and to the root of the hair to help break up that nasty oil combination that includes cholesterol. Removing this oil will allow your hair to breathe easier and receive vital nutrients that it needs to be and grow healthy!
Follicleanse shampoo and Jojoba Oil can be found on the order page.
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Hair Nutrition Vitamins®
Hair Nutrition Vitamins
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Our best hair vitamins for improved strength, growth & shine! B-complex (B-12, B-7), E, A, amino acids & minerals for faster growing hair, smoothness and shine & reduced breaking, splitting & dryness! Today's diet lacks nutrition - get balanced nutrition with Hair Nutrition Vitamins!
ProFolla Silk® Growth Conditioner
ProFolla Silk Growth Conditioner
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Growth conditioner for Black and African American hair. Super moisturizes, deep conditions and increases hair development for faster growing hair. Excellent for all hair types and styles.
Awaken and Replenish® Shampoo
Awaken and Replenish® Shampoo
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Awaken & Replenish® Shampoo hair growth shampoo with natural Trichogen extract formula adds moisture, body & volume while fighting hair loss, slow growth & thinning hair! Ideal for thin and thinning hair for men and women!
Healthy Hair Plus® Vitamin Shampoo
Vitamin Shampoo
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Vitamin-enriched shampoo loaded with nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and a new healthy hair accelerator formula.  Gently cleans and washes away oil, dirt and build-up. Helps restore and maintain shine, strength, volume and growth.
ProFolla Silk® Growth Shampoo
ProFolla Silk Growth Shampoo
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Top-selling growth shampoo for faster Black hair growth, hair loss, thinning or slow growing hair. Formulated with LustrePlex & Trichogen for Black and African American healthy hair types and styles! Improves strength, shine and humidity control!
DHT Blocking Vitamins
DHT Blocking Vitamins-New & Improved Formula
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DHT Blocking Vitamins with Saw Palmetto, Horsetail Extract and Zinc help slow or inhibit 5-AR enzyme conversion to DHT - a primary cause of hair loss and thinning. Ideal for balanced nutrition needed for hair growth and for addressing hair loss and thinning.